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2010 Connelly Prophecy

Reviewed by WadeWilliams
rating: 6/6

I've skied on Connellys since about 2002, and this has been my favorite ski yet.

I rode the F1 from '02 -'09, and this is the Prophecy that it was mean to be, for me. I went down to a 66" (was always on a 67 F1) and the ski was just as predictable and forgiving as the F1. The Prophecy is faster across the wakes, sets in deep in the turns, and is a reliable, ripping ski for me.

The 2010 Prophecy was lightened up slightly, featuring a softer flex pattern than previous F1s.

2007 Fisher 01

Reviewed by stewpro
rating: 6/6

Likes quiet upperbody but responds well to mistakes.Fast and stable across the wakes and casts out wide with smooth turns and great hookup at the bouy. Consistant and smooth always the same feel on both sides.I'd buy another or the new Razor but it's built so well I don't think I'll have to for a long time .Too bad they had delivery problems as alot of skiers are missing out on a great ski ! I'd give it at least 5 stars!

2009 Connelly Outlaw

Reviewed by NoVaSkier
rating: 6/6

For "what it is" --- 69" 2010 Outlaw -- 63yo, 215#, 5'10" Cycling 75mi/wk, very athletic, former Intermediate social skier (no slalom), now training for slalom after 15 years off ski. LOVE the Outlaw, stable, prob needs 29+mph for my weight, 26.5-27 is marginal @ my 221-222# including wet vest as I get back into skiing - bogging down a bit. 28 feels better, and I'm certain 30 would be electric if I could handle it -- but not right now. Ski feels great and has lots more turn in it than I do at the moment. Standard Connelly Velcro Adjustable Front Boot feels great (maybe more advanced boot later) w/ Adj. Strap Rear Plate. Losing 20# will be perfect for 28mph on this excellent 2010 Outlaw. Love it so far.

2005 OBrien Sixam 1.0

rating: 6/6

The best ski I have ever had. When I got the ski from Andy at the 04' Nationals I also got the latest D3. 3 of us bought mulitple skiis. We all went with the Sixam. The difference was stark in every category. Angle, speed, turning were all insane. It took 3 rounds to tweak the ski but I haven't touched it since. I am still using this ski. This ski has to be the all time best ski ever made for its time. As a smaller person my ski has lasted longest as my over 200lb buddies skiis have worn out. I also only ski 1 round and have missed a couple yrs skiing with back issues. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to move on to another ski. I'm skiing more buoys than ever at 56.

2009 HO Mach 1

Reviewed by dleenhouts
rating: 5/6

As a seasoned free skier, this ski has been great. It's been through the course a few times at long lengths. A very good choice if you're looking to go from 20th century technology to something new-yet-time-tested, and the price is definitely right.

2009 Radar RS-1

Reviewed by roller
rating: 6/6

Awesome ski, this ski is a fighter jet so fast across the wake and out of the turn. the only thing that this ski doesn't have would be the forgiveness. if your not on your A game and not skiing the best you can the ski will take-off and leave you in the water.