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Radar RS-1 2009

2009 Radar RS-165" RS-1
66" RS-1
67" RS-1
68" RS-1

Reviewed by khaos
rating: 6/6

I've plowed through 7 skis (5 manufacturer's) this pre-season trying to find something better than my RS-1 from last year. Nothing measured up. They all did something great, but none of them was the total package I get from my RS-1. It has it all: Angle, Speed, Forgiveness, Stability, Confidence. Even though its not a 'tangible' performance parameter, there is really something to be said for the skier's brain that is now certain he's on the right ski. Clear head, time to ski.

Reviewed by jamisonsbrodie
rating: 5/6

Coming off a Sixam 1.1 which is a very smooth and forgiving ski, this is a very good transition. It is stable and smooth like the Sixam, but faster out of the turn. I hope to pick up at least a few extra balls with this, but it is too early in the season to tell yet.

Reviewed by mad4slalom
rating: 5/6

came off a d3 custom x after 3 years, got me into thirteen metres but had to pull hard to get it to excelerate through the wakes, the rs1 felt so wieerd at first, so responsive and fast, its like an f1 car compared to a saloon car, 3 sets later and i love it to bits am not up to speed yet but can feel the potential of this ski, have high hopes of skiing into 12m this season,

Reviewed by roller
rating: 6/6

Awesome ski, this ski is a fighter jet so fast across the wake and out of the turn. the only thing that this ski doesn't have would be the forgiveness. if your not on your A game and not skiing the best you can the ski will take-off and leave you in the water.