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Water Ski News Mashup!

National Junior Water Ski Team Selected

Will RobertsTop junior water ski athletes from across the nation have been selected to the American Water Ski Association’s National Junior Water Ski Team. The 13 selections from the Boys/Girls 2 (13 and under) and Boys/Girls 3 (17 and under) divisions were based on performances during the 2017 tournament season.

Flow Point TV and a Quick Rant

Flow Point TV and Marcus Brown have brought us this love letter to collegiate skiing.

I watched this and immidiatly started looking to see where Nationals will be this year. Damn, that brings back all the fun memories and...yada yada gray hair old people words about past experiences. This got me thinking, what are we doing wrong with 3 event today that college skiing is the only bright spot in our sport right now? The Green Lightning tournament hosted by Jeff Surdej is the only team style tournament I know of, there are probably more but since we do such an absolutely shit job of promoting our sport, even to those like us here at the CRB world headquarters who love the sport and want to know whats going on.

Ok, I'm going to go yell at inanimate objects and any kids that get near my yard.

Membership Development Coordinator Sought

USA Water Ski headquarters in Polk City, Fla., is seeking applicants for the position of Member Development Coordinator. The Member Development Coordinator is an exciting opportunity for the candidate to become an essential component of the overall USA Water Ski operation. This position has many facets and will always have the opportunity for creativity, growth and development. This position is primarily responsible for USA Water Ski membership growth and development initiatives, which require significant creativity coupled with the ability to manage multiple areas within the USA Water Ski operation. Coordinating the growth initiatives with the water sports industry is an essential component of this position, and a responsibility that will be exhilarating.

35+ Worlds Team Q&Ps Announced

The American Water Ski Association has released the qualifications and procedures for the selection of the 2018 U.S. World 35+ Championships Team. The team will be chosen to compete at the 5th 35+ Water Ski World Championships, Nov. 26-Dec. 2, in San Bernardo, Chile. To view and download the qualifications and procedures, click here (PDF).

Pan Am Championships Q&Ps Announced

The American Water Ski Association has released the qualifications and procedures for the selection of the U.S. teams that will participate in the 2018 Pan American Water Ski Championships, Nov. 12-18, in San Bernardo, Chile. The United States will be represented by U14, U17, U21, Elite and 35+ water ski teams at the biennial event.

SafeSport Certification Now Available

SafeSport Certification and background screening is now available in the Members Only section of the USA Water Ski website. As mandated by the United States Olympic Committee audit of the USA Water Ski SafeSport program, USA Water Ski and its sport discipline organizations require that individuals formally authorized, approved, or appointed to a position of authority over or who would have frequent contact with athletes, complete criminal background checks and the SafeSport education and training requirements.

Schedule Set For 2018 Barefoot Nationals

The schedule of events for the 2018 Barefoot Water Ski National Championships has been announced. The 41st annual event will be held July 26-29 at Lake Grew in Polk City, Fla. More than 50 barefooters in respective divisions are expected to compete for titles in wake slalom, tricks and jumping during the four-day event. Athletes competing in two or more events will be eligible for the prestigious overall titles. To view and download the schedule, click here (PDF).

Q&Ps Announced For Junior Worlds Team

The American Water Ski Association has released the qualifications and procedures for the selection of the 2018 U.S. Junior Water Ski Team. A six-member team will be chosen to compete at the 17th Junior Water Ski World Championships, Aug. 2-5, in Seseña, Toledo, Spain. To view and download the qualifications and procedures, click here (PDF).

Freddie Winter and a Disk

Freddie winter disc board

The World Champ (cheekily) looks for a new challenge

Freddie Winter is going full-circle with his water skiing, as well as his approach to life... Take a look and maybe you'll gain some perspective.

2018 AWSA Rulebook Now Available

The American Water Ski Association’s 2018 Rulebook and 2018 Summary of Rule Changes are now available to view and download. To view and download the Rulebook, click here (PDF). To view and download the Summary of Rule Changes, click here (PDF).

Crossover Boats for Water Skiing

The versatility of crossover boats makes them well-suited for water skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Crossover boats offer the opportunity to bring everyone together. From water skiing to wakesurfing, these crossover boats fit the bill for any water sport.

Club Growth Challenge Winners Announced

USA Water Ski is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Club Growth Challenge Initiatives Contests. The contests encouraged the USA Water membership and sport discipline organizations to get more people on the water and affiliate with USA Water Ski.

Membership Task Force Initiative Details

The proposal by the Membership Task Force was approved at the Jan. 28 meeting of the USA Water Ski board of directors. There are clarifications and pertinent points in this article to help with the understanding for our members.

Teaching Others How to Water Ski

Teaching Others How to Water Ski

Use these tips to easily teach others how to water ski.

Use these tips to easily teach others how to water ski, and eventually get them comfortable with slalom skiing.

2018 Super Air Nautique GS22

2018 Super Air Nautique GS22

The Super Air Nautique GS22 is versatile enough to pull slalom skiers and throw top-notch wakes.

The Super Air Nautique GS22 is versatile enough to pull slalom skiers and throw top-notch wakes.

2018 Super Air Nautique G23

2018 Super Air Nautique G23

The wealth of amenities on the Super Air Nautique G23 make it one of the best on the market.

The wealth of amenities on the Super Air Nautique G23 make it one of the best on the market.

OWC Announces New Attraction

Aktion Parks is pleased to announce Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) will be adding an inflatable Aquapark in Spring of 2018.

2018 Nautique Masters Athletes Announced

2018 Nautique Masters Athletes Announced…

MasterCraft Introduces Largest XT Crossover Boat, the XT25

The 25-foot XT25 goes big not just in all-around towboat performance, but in its capacity to host a big party on the water.

Nautique Unveils Its New "Design Your Nautique" Boat Builder for 2018

Nautique is pleased to announce the launch of its interactive boat builder, Design Your Nautique.

Nut Huggin

The Lament / The Regret / The Ascent

Things happen sometimes
Sometimes its the right reason
Sometimes its just life

Desire, passion
Nothing to bill collectors
push aside to live

Life can seem unfair

Its a part of you
That provides the energy
For everything else

But its now shadows
Collecting dust in the shed
Thats where the fun sits

Life can seem unfair

Ego comes from lake
Identity swirls in blue 
The tough transition

The burn is alive
The strive to achieve still burns
That burn is on low

Life can seem unfair

Boat was in garage
Boat was replaced by real life
Boat was sold to friend

Skis collecting dust
Old wetsuits stored in basement
The fire dims...slightly

Life can seem unfair

Priorities change
Satisfaction comes different
You're still there for me

I've put you aside
For a moment, for a spell
Chill for a second

Life can seem unfair

The things that mattered
What gave you purpose and life
They are changed now

You have to work more
You are on your own payroll
Nothing free again

Life can seem unfair

Is it though? for real?
Maybe you are now the bank
You are now the rock

You are what is strong
You must now provide that spark
You are the reason

Life can seem unfair

If its important
If it matters now at all
Nothing should stop you

Its just a slight change 
In your mental thought process
You aren't what you were

Life can seem unfair

Your better then that
You have grown beyond nonsense
You will never fail

Circular notion 
It all comes around to you
Its your time to shine

Life can be unfair

They cant bring you down
Life cant stop your good desire
You just have to try

You won't always win
Nor, will you always succeed
Sometimes you just sit

Life can be unfair

Fight through that bullshit
Set your sights high, with purpose
Maybe you get close

Maybe its awful
Its still an effort you gave
Its fine, you don't lose

Life can be unfair

Try again, harder
Maybe, maybe not, its life
Keep that fire burning

The lake, forever
The passion, never ending
The desire, varies

Life can be unfair

Hold it close, the fire
Real life always interferes
Never stops passion

Things will be awesome
That day when we achieve it
Feeling of success

Life can be unfair

Life can be unfair
It can provide the real truth
Actual reason

For our real effort
Why we work and live that life
Because there is more

Life can be unfair

It will never change
Life always tempts your real truth
It hurts your real soul

Life can be unfair

We are given life
To go attack our dream
In whatever way

Age is no matter
Life doesn't discriminate
Only your self does

Life can be unfair

Attack you chances
Don't give in to bad impulse
And that boat may move

You can always strive
Your personal best is right there
Fucking go get it

Life can be awesome

Smooth Move Thomas

Arriving At Your Moms House Like

Like a glove

The Blender...yay Skurfer

The Best We Have Ever Skiied

After we posted the obnoxiously depressing post about being bad at skiing we were sitting around thinking about the exact opposite, the singular best moment we have ever had skiing.

Is that your mom down there?

The best is not a term that can be ascribed to a specific occasion, or result...it can simply be the best feeling, the best moment, the culmination of work, it can be 69'ing on a saucer.

Its really in the eye of the beholder.

So to speak.

If you were to thinking about it, say an Olympic figure skaters best performance was their gold medal skating routine, but, in their eyes, it could not be.  Maybe the most symbolic, but, not their best.  That could have been in a training round, in practice, etc.

Or think of it from your waterski perspective, you winning a tournament, or setting a record or whatever, its something big, but, is that the best you have skied?

So, we talking about it around the CRB office, and most of us came up with times that no one else had seen, or would even recognize as "the best"

When we were younger, we skied on a show ski team in a state that has a show ski team, and in and area that has boats and green grass and weed.

There were three times that we felt that we were at our best.

Quickly, here are the three times.

1) in a ski show, the boat was turning around, we were prepared to do our act in front of the people at the site, and we remember looking ahead and seeing all the people and realizing that this is awesome, and this is really fun and we (ourselves and the rest of the people with us) were totally in control and confident and ready to really do a good job.

And in truth, it was that good.  But the feeling coming in completely confident in everything was awesome.

2) Same ski show, we practiced the show once at a location, and it was bad.  So, we contacted some friends who had a different site and they said we could ski there for a 1/2 hour, and we were all angry with our performance and wanted to try it again.  And we were able to run through our trick jump act perfectly, it only took one try and it was as if we all got our heads out of our ass and did what needed to be done.

There was no one there to see it, but, the team vibe and the effort put forth was one of the best.

3) Finally, the best individual skiing we have ever done was at a 3-event tournament a 100 years ago, we had a sweet Kidder Redline slalom ski and, while it was a few years old, was still a better ski then we could properly ski.

Until that day, maybe it was the girls that were watching, or just the site or whatever, but, that poor ski couldn't keep up.  The feeling of being 100% in touch with your slalom ski, knowing that each move you do with your body provides a equal result on the water is phenomenal.

No idea what line length we were at when we fell, it wasn't some record breaking thing, maybe 21 off?  28?  Not sure, but, the lake we were on was just about as wide as the slalom course, we ended up skipping out at the three ball and ended up on the beach.

But, the result was irrelevant, it was the best feeling we have ever had on a ski ever, most confident, it was something that someone who doesn't ski or even compete in sports wouldn't know.  That absolute belief in yourself and your ability.  Whatever level that is.

The peak of your perfection may not mean anything to anyone else, but, it does to you and you should always be proud of that.  Thats why we do what we do, aiming to be better.

Sure, the next best moment may not be as great as what we did, or maybe better.  But, its the best that it is NOW!

Live that life!

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