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Fisher 01 2007

2007 Fisher 0164" 01
66" 01
68" 01

Reviewed by chris
rating: 5/6

LOVE THE SKI...first time out i ran [email protected] to fine tune the off side...great workmanship

Reviewed by BudMan
rating: 6/6

Awesome ski! It is no wonder WaterSki Mag kept rating it number one. I got the blue flex because I always heard Chet Raley and Steve Schnitzer talk about the advantages of a soft ski that instantly rebounds. These skies are made with a special RTM system that makes them the strongest and longest lasting. The ski felt great from the get-go. The ski is so comfortable and predictable, a beginner could do well on it and yet it can also take an expert to the very shortest loops. Pros have won many tournaments on the Fisher ski and I can see why. This ski rocks. I am able to ski with out much physical effort. Other skis wore my body out but not this one. I can ski longer sets and smoother sets. This ski has never thrown me. It is so predictable. I have run -38 on it like it was a walk in the park. My daughter has free skied on it and loved how safe she felt on it. I would recommend this ski to the most advanced as well as a beginner. I have tried a lot of skis and this might be the crown jewel of them all. I can mess-up and the ski knows what to do to get back under control. Fantastic ski!

Reviewed by Whiteout01
rating: 6/6

Wow, I love this ski, 68" Yellow. I have tried a Strada(Very Forgiving), D3 Z7 ST (Extremely efficient, low physical effort), A1(Rode too deep in the water at 34mph for me), S1(Didn't fit my style), 9700 (Great Ski), 9800(Extremely picky on body position, had two and hated both), SIXAM 1.1 (Great 36MPH ski but not as efficient at 34MPH) and Elite(killer ski just couldn't gain any extra balls and you had to ride it centered to forward weight bias). All have there great points but the Fischer is the most forgiving well rounded ski I been on to date. Snappy turns, extremely fast, forgiving on body position but does like a neutral body stance and very efficient cross course. It just rips.

Reviewed by stewpro
rating: 6/6

Likes quiet upperbody but responds well to mistakes.Fast and stable across the wakes and casts out wide with smooth turns and great hookup at the bouy. Consistant and smooth always the same feel on both sides.I'd buy another or the new Razor but it's built so well I don't think I'll have to for a long time .Too bad they had delivery problems as alot of skiers are missing out on a great ski ! I'd give it at least 5 stars!