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Connelly Outlaw 2009

2009 Connelly Outlaw65" Outlaw

Reviewed by NoVaSkier
rating: 6/6

For "what it is" --- 69" 2010 Outlaw -- 63yo, 215#, 5'10" Cycling 75mi/wk, very athletic, former Intermediate social skier (no slalom), now training for slalom after 15 years off ski. LOVE the Outlaw, stable, prob needs 29+mph for my weight, 26.5-27 is marginal @ my 221-222# including wet vest as I get back into skiing - bogging down a bit. 28 feels better, and I'm certain 30 would be electric if I could handle it -- but not right now. Ski feels great and has lots more turn in it than I do at the moment. Standard Connelly Velcro Adjustable Front Boot feels great (maybe more advanced boot later) w/ Adj. Strap Rear Plate. Losing 20# will be perfect for 28mph on this excellent 2010 Outlaw. Love it so far.