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Connelly Prophecy 2010

2010 Connelly Prophecy65" Prophecy
66" Prophecy
67" Prophecy
68" Prophecy

Reviewed by WadeWilliams
rating: 6/6

I've skied on Connellys since about 2002, and this has been my favorite ski yet.

I rode the F1 from '02 -'09, and this is the Prophecy that it was mean to be, for me. I went down to a 66" (was always on a 67 F1) and the ski was just as predictable and forgiving as the F1. The Prophecy is faster across the wakes, sets in deep in the turns, and is a reliable, ripping ski for me.

The 2010 Prophecy was lightened up slightly, featuring a softer flex pattern than previous F1s.

Reviewed by russell4
rating: 6/6

its great! I love it! it skis nice and consistannt. it works even better at thirty-six miles per hour.