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Keys to Slalom Gates

Chris Rossi pull out and turn in slalom water ski gate. Slalom ski gates

Skiing the Impossible Line

slalom water skiing learning to ski without the rope. skiing the possible line through the slalom course

It's the most common reason for missing passes and yet we continue to perform this mistake over and over, expecting a different result...
Let's state the given first. That is that the boat will always be traveling down the course at its set speed...

The Transition Zone

Making the edge change through the second wake

Now that we learned to ski with a more obtainable line, the question we should be asking ourselves is what happens behind the boat and out to the turn?

The Balanced Approach

Chris Rossi water skis through the slalom course using the balnaced approach.

Speed is defined as distance over time. If we cover more distance in the same amount of time, we will arrive earlier at the next buoy.

Keys to a Great Off-Side Turn

Wade Williams Offside Turn, Slalom Water Skiing

Don't worry about where the buoy is. Remember, the buoy is not the point where we have to turn, it's the earliest place that we can turn.

Why Do I Feel Fast Into the Buoys?

Chris Rossi slalom skiing on an off side cut

You feel fast because you are traveling at a high rate of speed, directly at the buoy.

Engage the Power Triangle

Chris Rossi engages the Power Triangle for Better Slalom Waterskiing

Ever feel like you are pulling like an animal and still getting beat by the boat? It is not a good feeling.

Five Steps to Spring Skiing

Tip to Rip

Cold Water Ski Setup