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Trakker Pylon Mount for Video Recording

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The newest model from Trakker Mounts is the P4. This is a simple, effective tool for making it easy to film all your passes.

The P4 comes with a variety of different plastic cuffs that are placed in between the pylon and the mount in order to achieve the proper size and angle for your shots. Setting up the P4 is easy -- it took all of about 5 minutes.

With only one vertical arm to hold the camera, this is by far the easiest Trakker to use yet. Older models were cumbersome to work with when it was time to shorten the line. The latest P4 is a great improvement on the old design.

The video below is shot using the P4 and a camera without any image stabilization technology. As you can see, the camera does shake for a split second in the event of a slack hit, but if you have a camera with image stabilization you'll probably have even more success.

This is a great way to film you and your ski partners, even if there are only two of you in the boat at a time! With a little bit of technology, you can upload your video to the computer and then deliver it straight to us for virtual coaching.

The Trakker Pylon Mount