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Razor B 2010

2010 Razor B64" B
66" B
68" B

Reviewed by MattDuBon
rating: 6/6

A new spin on an old Favorite.
Does this ski look familiar? It should. It appears someone has purchased the old Fischer mold and burst onto the market with this new slalom they call "Razor". The Razor seems to be the same shape as the old Fischer, the only difference appears to be in the construction of it. It utilizes a similar RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process which makes the O'brien's Elite so structutally consistent and indestructible. They've also upgraded to a higher grade carbon fiber for the ski and aluminum for the fin, wing and block as well as strengthening the inserts. Instead of Fischer's 3 flexes distinguished by color, Razor offers a stiff flex (designated "A") and a soft flex (designated "B") in both 66" and 68", they also offer a 64" in the "B" flex only.
Currently the 66" is the only one available in the U.S. and is sold exclusively through Carolina Watersports @ Trophy Lakes. Demos in both 66A and 66B available now.
Many praised the old Fischer on it's user friendly ride right out the box, and the Razor remains true to that statement.
After only 2 sets to find my proper fin-setup, I was blown away with the instant comfort and confidence. On my third set I tied my tournament PB with ease and bested it the next time out. As fast as it felt cross course, it felt as if I was skiing 32 mph through the turns,(not to say it was slug-ish) it got me out to buoy width THAT quickly. As well as this ski casts out off the 2nd wake, it seems to always come back underneath you at the finish. Granted: I've been experimenting with some unconventional fin settings, but it feels as though I can't overturn it when I push, and when left alone and simply ridden through the turn, it continues to gain angle and never slows down. I never expected such a fast ski to feel so comfortable and predictable both into and out of the turn. It's everything I could ask all in 1 slalom ski. I've never been more excited to go slalom waterskiing.

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