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2010 Strada

Reviewed by damian
rating: 5/6

I have just changed from a HO Monza and can't believe how good this ski is. I also tried the HO Syndicate A1 wich was good but for me the Radar Strada was a better ski to ride. It is super quick across the wake and when you nail a turn it shoots you back across the wake at speeds l could have only dreamed about on the HO Monza.

Reviewed by MattDuBon
rating: 5/6

Balance. The best of all worlds. Smooth yet Snappy. Fast but Stable. Quick but Controlled. After 6 w/ the fin and boots @ stock position, this seems to be the most well rounded ski I've ever ridden. Lightening thru the wakes, stable in the pre-turn and predictable thru and out of the turn on both sides. Let it carve the turn on it's own and it's an effortless smooth easy glide back to the wakes. Push it thru the turn and it's as if the ski is a part of you, it's stays right there with you every step of the way. I've never had a ski that was so predictable when I grit my teeth and slam the turn. It doesn't stop and pivot, it snaps around but never stops moving. Smooth or scrappy, this ski will put a smile on your face from ear to ear, and isn't that what it's all about anyway?

Reviewed by jamisonsbrodie
rating: 6/6

I had a brief set on this, just free skiing. THis is a definite improvement over my rs-1, because of it's ability to carry more angle. I wish I could have run some buoys with it, but overall I know I could set a pb on this. It is maybe a little more forgiving than the a1, but not sure if it generates as much angle.

Reviewed by Digger
rating: 5/6

Best ski I have been on to date, fin measurements need to be very precise - I have things at stock except depth - 2.5 and front boot at 28.5. To me this ski rocks -both sides feel great and easiest 28's I have ever ran. Hands down better than A1, Monza, D3X5 or others I have ridden, at least to me. This ski is worth a try, you may not go back. Next rendition of this ski has got to be a 6+

Reviewed by Whiteout01
rating: 5/6

I'm very impressed by this ski, significantly more forgiving than my RS-1. I'm 190lbs, 5'7" 34MPH 32 & 35 off skier running rubber bindings. I've tested the Strada 67" & 68"(Too big for me). Concurrently testing 67" Z7ST they're both very efficient cross course with maybe a slight edge going to the D3ST. Strada likes a neutral stance but is the most forgiving ski I’ve ever been on. It’s also the most forgiving ski I've ever been on with respect to speed around the ball and adjusting angle out of the turn. I have blown the tail out a few times but overall it holds very well. I found it very sensitive to fin setting, but many are. Overall a great ski and it's going to be a tough decision between the Strada and Z7ST

Reviewed by Andrewwe
rating: 6/6

I went to a Demo session for Radar with no expectations to buy as I was completely comfortable on my 3yr old F1. The first few passes sucked, but my bindings were closer than before. I made the change and I was in the ball game. Then Trent made my fin a touch deeper (2.504 from 2.498) and that made a world of difference. The ski settled in so much better. I instantly started matching what I was doing on my old F1, but what I really liked was the way the ski was really holding edge with much less effort. Maybe 'cause it was "faster," maybe because it's something else, don't know but I feel like I have so much more under me to trust. Since then, I haven't had to mess around with the fin at all (unlike the F1) and I'm about 2 balls more in practice.

Reviewed by greg haskett
rating: 6/6

I tried a 67 although I should ski a 68 or preferably 69 (6 ft 215 lbs) but it was the closest the local ski shop had so I tried it knowing that some things with it related to the wrong size would be way off. My intention was to get the general behavior of the ski to see if it's what I wanted to by in my size. It seemed really fast (as smaller skis sometimes do) but I was really impressed with how smooth it was. Wake crossing never really entered my mind because it was so easy. Maybe it was the size thing again, but I see this ski in the correct size being pretty awesome.