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Radar Annex 2009

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Reviewed by jerrysnow
rating: 5/6

Ok guy's,

I made a force switch from a 67.5 sixam 1.1( broke) to a Radar Annex 67. I am happy. ( after 3 weeks 15 rides)

I have to admit i am a gear maniac. I used to race college slalom and GS and I was the ski tech for my team so i like the tech aspect of ski shape, set up, tuning. I only buy the top race equipment because i know and can feel the difference. This is the first time i buy a less than top of the line ski.

The good:

Feels as fast as my sixam across the wake.
Carry more speed trough the turn.
Off side is better.
Cost less.
Need less effort to ski to keep momemtum
Handle less than perfect condition the same.
Respond well to fin tuning.
I think this ski will help me correct my body position problem because it wants to be ridden with better form

The things i like a bit less:

Ski is heavier and softer and i feel it crossing the wake, i know i prefer a bit stiffer ski now.
More sensible to fin setting than my sixam ( I could mess around and still ski good)
I feel the sixam was a more forgiving and turned harder in the last 1/4 turn.

I don't ski the course but want to prepare if it does happen so I want a ski that will built my confidence and give me good feedback the annex does that. On a side note the built quality is very good and the fin clamp is a blessing ( those with sixam understand me)
I think the annex would ski better with RS1 type boot....next step any demo available Chris ?

R&D did a good job on this ski. I my book if you don't have the money for the RS1 or another A1 it is a very good choice. I am a bit surprise with the rating being a lot lower than the RS1.


Reviewed by tzorn
rating: 6/6

I have a 68" 2009 Annex, am a big guy at 6'3", 225 lbs. I find the ski to be a great match for the 'style' of skiing I subscribe to which is based on carving and counter-rotation. The ski holds its line well, and comes through the turns great when on edge. Just get it on edge and let the ski do its thing. My previous ski was a 69.5" 2008 Monza, and I'm having a lot more fun on the Annex, which to me is what it's all about. Great ski in and out of the course, and a good value too. I give it a 6 because of the performance per dollar ratio.