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OBrien Elite 2009

2009 OBrien Elite65.5" Elite
67" Elite
68.5" Elite

Reviewed by 2gofaster
rating: 6/6

The Elite is very deceptive. It feels very soft, but isn't. It's rock solid underfoot and doesn't hunt for an edge. The best way to describe it is boots on water. You don't feel the ski. There's no tip chatter at all, even as the water starts getting busy. It carries a lot of speed through the apex. Best ski I've ever been on, hands down.

Reviewed by JLN
rating: 6/6

I'm 60, skiing Old Fart Style (34mph/28 off) used SixAM 1.0 (gray/red) before and was convinced it couldn't get any better. Very surprised it did. This is the most stable, easy turning yet fastest across the wake ski I've ever had. And with much less effort. Somewhat rough water does not faze it either. What more would I want? Andy / O'Brien will answer that in a few years, as they always have in the past.

Reviewed by slam2ball
rating: 6/6

It took me some time to get dialed in but once I did my pbs started to drop big time!
I don’t think I have got the best out of it just yet…. I think there’s more to come, im 36 – 28 off / 14
With the softer bevels at the tail you can swing the tail around, but as hard as I do that, I have never blown the tail..
Its deceptively fast, I say deceptive because its so very controlled.
You can only tell your fast because you think “holly cr*p im super early,,,, how did I get here???”
It handles speed very well….. much more forgiving than my old sixam.
If you get late you can make it up on either side (on or offside) which is unusual, if ever I was running late I would lean it to my onisde and slam it… that seems to have gone.
Very stable ski – only thing I would suggest: is going on it and skiing how the ski wants to be ridden.
I got the best out of it when I accepted I needed to adapt to the ski instead of making it how I wanted it to feel.
Get on it with no pre conception, try not to force it be as natural / neutral as possible and you will find the best out of it.
Im a strong aggressive skier but this ski has calmed me right down, but when it starts to get messy and I need to get ugly it keeps up.

It rewards a patient skier (not my best virtue) You can rag it around if you need to.
im only comparing it to an old monza and a sixam ss, far more forgiving/stable and way faster than both.
I cant tell if it turns from the tip or from the tail coming round – maybe its that balanced it combines the two.
I did tweak my ankle early days trying to slam it on both sides… it just doesn’t need that.
You can climb all over the front of it and ride it out, I just hope you have flexible ankles and hold on tight.
The glide is what you notice first of all… on the gate you need minimal effort so long as you have a half decent technique.
When you pull out for the drop in is where I noticed it most, I just kept going so much so my usual driver asked me what I was doing..
For the first time ever im making the course up behind the boat (??) not just relying on a killer turn I can now make it up with speed – which I have never been able to do..
I have always complained “im not fast enough” maybe I should say efficient what ever the case I have found it now.

Ok it’s a super expensive ski…. Advice: try before you buy!
Also check it closely ive seen a few versions with imperfections, for that money I wouldn’t accept that.
Got mine with a hardshell setup very nice stable feeling, even when the water is chopped up its still pretty smooth not much chatter.