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HO S1 2010

2010 HO S165" S1
66" S1
67" S1
68" S1

Reviewed by SteveDoc
rating: 6/6

The S1 felt comfortable right away it turns really quick and generates speed out of the turn with little effort. I felt I could turn on my off side just as well as my on side which was a nice surprise. For a feeble old man in his 50s I was looking for a ski that would turn and accelerate with less strength and the S1 is everything I hoped it would be....Great ski

Reviewed by 14adrnln
rating: 6/6

Switching from the A1 to the S1 it feels a lot lighter on the water, generates a lot more speed following the turn and is very soft through the wash. Awesome in rough water too. Only issue was trying to slow it down pre turn but I'm sure with some fin tuning and getting used to this little rocket it will soon not be an issue. This ones a keeper for this season for sure.

Reviewed by jamisonsbrodie
rating: 5/6

Wow! This thing is wicked. I have never been on a ski that rolls over so easy and just takes off. My offside is a bit scaring on this because it turns so hard and fast. Coming from a Sixam that is very smooth and predictable, but much slower, this is a dramatic difference. This ski is not for the faint off heart, but if you can handle it, your new PB will come easily.

Reviewed by eseybold
rating: 6/6

very stable compared to the A1 - finishes the turn and does not bight too hard. Very smooth finish and keeps angle across course. Great Ski.

Reviewed by Morg
rating: 6/6

Very stable & predictable @ 34 mph. The ski has not surprised me & was able to pull hard throught the wakes the first time out

Reviewed by billbouy
rating: 6/6

Love this ski, feels very stable, quick turns and fast acceleration out of the turn. The EXO boots are awsome. Had a little trouble at first getting out of them when I was done but very comfortable!!