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HO Mach 1 2008

2008 HO Mach 166" Mach 1
67" Mach 1
68" Mach 1
70" Mach 1

Reviewed by Pl0tz
rating: 4/6

This was my first "slim" stick. I went form a Connelley Big Daddy to this. I would call it my favorite beginner ski. it is easy to control, EXTREMELY forgiving, and still has a nice lil edge on it. (for starters).. i could get the ski to do what i wanted. It took me through a lot of free skiing and some of the coarse with no problems however, as i advanced in my technique and upped the rope and speed i found the ski can only preform up to a certain potential. i found my self fighting to keep the ski on edge... When i skied on my friends KD (old but a more advanced ski) i didn't feel this problem so i upgraded. But I'd highly recommend this stick to any free skier and either full rope or 15' off coarse skier! Or any beginner who knows how to get up and ride on one ski. it truly is a blast to take out onto the water!! :] I was able to advance on it enough to ride comfortably with a smooth rhythm at 22' off 34mph. anything more ehhh lets say the ski wasn't too happy with it... Shock bindings went well with this ski, both RTP and Rear boot. its the ultimate beginner/ step up/ almost simi serious ski! :]