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HO A1 2009

2009 HO A165" A1
66.25" A1
67.5" A1
68.75" A1

Reviewed by HO410
rating: 5/6

A pretty good step up over the Monza. The A1 reacts best to a skier that is open to the boat and countered in the turns. It does not need much skier input to turn: too much will make the tip bite aggressively. The A1 is a dead stick if you ride heavy on the tail.

Reviewed by J.R.
rating: 5/6

Overall a great ski. The tip bites hard in the turn and I'm having a little trouble getting comfortable with this aspect of the ski.

Reviewed by MartinS
rating: 5/6

The tip bites very hard, especially on my off-side turns. Don't push it too much in your turns, just let it "turn by itself" and you wont have so much trouble with the tip biting. Took me a while to get used to but when i did it works great. Factory settings worked really good for me.

Reviewed by jamisonsbrodie
rating: 6/6

I love this ski. I tried a 68.75, which is too big, but it did not feel big. It was very stable, and generated great cross course angle. I like this way better than the S1. I am buying this in a 67.5.

Reviewed by Hank
rating: 6/6

Such a great ski rips hard. Fast and has some bite. Highly recommended if it suits your style!

Reviewed by ColoLakuSkr
rating: 4/6

This is a ski most will never outgrow. "Old School" will have a more difficult time with it in that it skis best with very very little skier input. Ski it balanced or neutral or ankles beware! IT BITES HARD!

Reviewed by BudMan
rating: 6/6

The 2009 HO A1 can achieve more angle and hold the angle with stability better than any ski I have ever ridden. Most of the skies I have recently tried were very good at creating speed but I feel that the A1 has the needed speed along with the angle to give me what I am looking for right now. This ski is a 65” 2009 and I am 5’ 10” and weigh 145. The ski is set up with stock settings and Animal bindings. I am running multible 35 off passes and have run 4 at 38 also.