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Goode 9900 WSL 2009

2009 Goode 9900 WSL62.5" 9900 WSL
64" 9900 WSL
66" 9900 WSL

Reviewed by ScotChipman
rating: 6/6

-Very stable through the turn, even in rough water.
-Keeps its speed up through the turn.
-Does not have the tendency to get deep and stall at the finish of the turn like traditional skis can.
-Still great cross course speed which Goode skis have been know for in the past.
-Try it, you will not be dissapointed!

Reviewed by t8skier
rating: 6/6

Out of the box I added 6 bouys. 35 off I had problems with slack on off side. No more slack. Great ski!!!!

Reviewed by Don
rating: 3/6

When I first got my WR 62.5 and was given fin numbers that were not suited for this ski, it felt like a log! Would not turn and started me seaching for better adjustments. I finally was told to try the standard numbers L-6.667, D-2.510, B-.780 and it started feeling better. My big problem though has been the pre-releasing of the boot plate that has caused me fits. Still working on that solution.