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Goode 9900 SL 2009

2009 Goode 9900 SL62" 9900 SL
64.25" 9900 SL
65.75" 9900 SL
66.5" 9900 SL
67.25" 9900 SL
68.5" 9900 SL

Reviewed by patmaster
rating: 5/6

There is something about this ski that makes a lot of people ski their best on it. After trying pretty much everything and skiing on a Wide Ride for a year, the overall stability, predictability, speed, ability to scrap and learning potential are unbeatable. The ski will get me to my best if I'm OK. If not, there are no miracles. Had no issues with quality. Works best with hard shells (of your choice). It does not seem worth the time to try to adjust to any other ski. At best one will ski the same PB...

Reviewed by Taperflex
rating: 1/6

Loved the ski, fast from buoy to buoy...... right up until it BROKE between the binders, which in turn Broke one of my toes. I'm kind of scared to try another one.