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D3 Z7 ST 2011

2011 D3 Z7 ST64" Z7 ST
65" Z7 ST
66" Z7 ST
67" Z7 ST
68" Z7 ST

Reviewed by mike martens
rating: 6/6

good acceration, best good side turn ever, fast, no suprizes

Reviewed by Whiteout01
rating: 5/6

Best D3 I've been on, faster and more forgiving than my RS-1. I'm 190lbs, 5'7" 34MPH 32 & 35 off skier running rubber bindings. Also testing Strada 67"(Great ski very forgiving) & 68"(Too big for me). The 67" Z7ST is Very fast cross course, with extremely low effort, very efficient. Does not mind a more back or neutral stance, fairly forgiving on body position. Bleeds speed nicely before ball (I believe better than Strada). Likes a fair amount of speed into the ball and will overturn easily if going to slow. It dumped me several times while learning this. I found it very sensitive to binding placement, I have not played with the fin settings yet. Overall a great ski and it's going to be a tough decision between it and the Strada.