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D3 Z7 2010

2010 D3 Z764" Z7
65" Z7
66" Z7
67" Z7

Reviewed by Griff
rating: 6/6

The Z7 is the most reliable ski I have been on. By that, I mean I can rely on it staying down with no tip rise out of the turn. It turns sharp and gets angle I never had before. Relax and enloy this ski as it comes around and points you across course. Well made, the fit and finish is top of the line. I got a tournament best score on the 6th set on this ski while running the stock numbers listed on this site. Griff Griffin

Reviewed by yahknow1
rating: 6/6

Skied on 66 inch Z7 for most of the season this year and can't say enough good things about it. I love this ski! I spent a year on the Prophecy and a year on the 9800, this is the ski I'll be on for the next few years! Tight carving turns on both sides, sets you up with good angle, once it's setup right. The ski never once washed out in a turn on me this year, which is amazing! and it does like to be skied aggresively..Like I said, I can't say enough good things about this ski.

Reviewed by JohnN
rating: 6/6

Fast behind the boat, great turns, there's a lot to like in this ski. On a 67" Z7 I'm running the stock, updated D3 numbers on my fin but one hole back in front and .730 dft, and it is really, really good. The onside turn is the best of any ski I've been on, and I'm still searching for the perfect off-side settings on this ski. This is for 34/28-38 off. Just for kicks I bumped it up to a 36/28 and it felt even better! An easy ski to switch to!