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D3 RCX 2009

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Reviewed by SethStisher
rating: 6/6

The new 2009 RCX is like the 2008 for the most part, but tends to have a little more ability to cast out after the second wake...it just fels a bit more free from the wakes to the apex of the turn.

IT was an easy transition from my 2008 RCX, but I like the fact that it takes less effort to get width.

Reviewed by mike55
rating: 6/6

rating skis today as fast or faster is interesting. The new 2009 RCX is indeed fast! But all the new high end skis are fast and may seem to to different things faster. In my opinion the new RCX in the 67 I road finishes the turn faster with better direction off the bouy than... Rolls into the turn with little effort. Seems to put you in better body posistion off the bouy if that makes sense and doesn't stall but carries the momentum with fantastic angle off the bouy. Need more sets on this bad boy but if memory serves me right the 08' I road last summer felt bigger. This 09 turns and feels like a smaller ski. For guys like me that are 165 lbs in the "in between" size bracket the ski is money. Skis overall finish from D3 was superb and they went back to the smooth top which I like. Ski does not come with the wing mounted! Skied great without:) Fin was 6.936/6.94 tips 2.505 depth 0.743 to 0.746 DFT flat