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D3 Nomad RCX 2008

2008 D3 Nomad RCX62" Nomad RCX
64" Nomad RCX
65" Nomad RCX
66" Nomad RCX
67" Nomad RCX
68" Nomad RCX

Reviewed by Cottonwood
rating: 6/6

There are several attributes that make this ski very appealing. First and foremost is its consistency. It never feels out of control and yet performs at a very high level. The second is the construction quality and consistency ski to ski. We have 5 RCX’s on site and have flex tested each one. They are all within +/- 2lbs of each other at the four measuring points. I have not seen this consistency from any other ski we’ve measured. And the longevity of the ski is impressive compared to some others. All in all, the ski is a top-performing product that can be ridden by almost any level/style skier and yet is capable of running very short line lengths. That’s a powerful combination.

Reviewed by tjo
rating: 6/6

I demo'd this ski in the fall of '08 and fell in love with it on the first set. The ski likes to be ridden with the skier's weight balanced in the middle of the ski. What I noticed immediately is that the ski carves the turns almost effortlessly. The biggest advantage I noticed was the improvement in my offside turns. Ater skiing on it for a year now, I honestly feel like my offside turn is at least as good as my onside and I have been able to make up time in the course going from offisde to onside.