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D3 Nomad RC 2007

2007 D3 Nomad RC63" Nomad RC
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68" Nomad RC

Reviewed by tcarey
rating: 6/6

This ski is predictable and easy to ride. I usually ski in cold water so I have the bindings forward 1/8".
The ski turns well and feels stable through the wakes. I will stall the ski out of 2-4 side if I let my arms out away from my body in the edge change.

Reviewed by MChilcutt
rating: 6/6

The RC took me to the next line lenght coming of a monza last fall. More than that though it is so consistent and forgiving it has given me huge confidence in my skiing. The biggest thing i noticed is how easy the ski turnes.I will stay with this ski.

Reviewed by hoslerky
rating: 5/6

Very forgiving and predictable. Picked up 4 buoys my 3rd set on it.