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Connelly Prophecy 2009

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Reviewed by markskarpo
rating: 6/6

I run deep 38 off and came off a Goode 9700 to the Prophecy this year and love it. My Goodes just kept falling apart. The Prophecy is fast and stable with no surprises like my Goode would throw. I'm a level 8 skier so for $600 delivered from the factory this was a steal. I was using Approach bindings but I'm trying the RS-1 boots soon.

Reviewed by AndrewBernhagen
rating: 6/6

Super fast and solid edge. Makes great turns and it's a blast to ride.

Reviewed by ckornutiak
rating: 5/6

I really like this ski (22' off ). I'm coming off a Goode 9800 that I THINK broke (second one, I'm done with goode).

The Prophecy isn't as fast as the goode but seems to claw back up the course. It's a heavier which I like and more stable. Overall I am very happy with the ski.

I'm not so happy with the Enzo bindings. The rear lasted 3 sets and fell apart. Connelly replaced them w/o any issue. BUT for the money we pay for this stuff it really should last a bit longer.

Reviewed by pavle
rating: 5/6

I've been skiing on this one since last summer. I love it. I went from F1 to Prophecy and felt difference. The only problem I had was with the bindings. Enzo (2009) broke after 3 days, and the Draft (2008) were somewhat better.
Which bindings would you recomend guys? I use double boots and I look for something reliable and hard.

Reviewed by ryvn48
rating: 6/6

Great ski, light, yet very stable. Holds the edge even when I bury the ski. Rescues me from deep turns my other ski wouldn't. Makes skiing extremely fun.