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OBrien Sixam 1.0 2005

2005 OBrien Sixam 1.066" Sixam 1.0
67.5" Sixam 1.0
69" Sixam 1.0

Flex Numbers for OBrien Sixam 1.0

rating: 6/6

The best ski I have ever had. When I got the ski from Andy at the 04' Nationals I also got the latest D3. 3 of us bought mulitple skiis. We all went with the Sixam. The difference was stark in every category. Angle, speed, turning were all insane. It took 3 rounds to tweak the ski but I haven't touched it since. I am still using this ski. This ski has to be the all time best ski ever made for its time. As a smaller person my ski has lasted longest as my over 200lb buddies skiis have worn out. I also only ski 1 round and have missed a couple yrs skiing with back issues. I'm not looking forward to the day I have to move on to another ski. I'm skiing more buoys than ever at 56.