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Benchmarking Data

According to Water Sports Industry Website Traffic Benchmarks, over the past month since July 18, our site has received Over 212% More Visists and Over 600% More Pageviews than all other sites in this category.

These same benchmarks show that ProSkiCoach.com has a "bounce rate" that is more than 35% lower than average. This means more of our visitors stay for longer on our site, in fact, about 135% longer than the watersports industry benchmark.

Our Pageview Statistics

Contact Us to obtain more detailed access to our web stats. The data below is for January 1 2009 - August 15 2009.

Website Grade

Using an online tool that grades the overall marketing effectiveness and technical efficiency of websites, here's what we learned about ProSkiCoach.com versus some industry competitors.

B. Competing Websites
Site Website Grade Google Page Rank Google Indexed Pages Traffic Rank Blog Rank Inbound Links del.icio.us Bookmarks
www.proskicoach.com 96.1 3 794 4,651,834 3,195,303 4,870 1
hosports.com 79 5 366 764,744 Not Ranked 3,871 6
connellyskis.com 84 5 439 1,412,003 Not Ranked 2,996 0
radarskis.com 70 4 162 5,718,877 Not Ranked 1,088 0
ballofspray.com 84 3 586 11,755,282 Not Ranked 452 0