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Manufacturer's Sales Incentive Program

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Free Virtual Coaching Session with Your Pro Team Skiers!

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  1. Tell your Pro Team Skiers Register With Us
  2. Tell your customers about their Free lesson
  3. We'll do the rest!

As Pro Ski Coach, we are committed to doing everything within our power to promote the waterski industry.

We started this year by offering a Free Ski Log so skiers can keep track of their hard work and make bigger improvements faster. We complimented that with our Slalom Ski Database, which offers recommended settings for each ski, along with the ability to rate and review each ski. Then we rolled out Virtual Coaching after that, allowing skiers from all over the world access to the best of professional water ski instruction.

Now, we are offering Virtual Coaching to Your Company as a Water Ski Manufacturer, For Free as a sales incentive.

It's a Win-Win:
Sell more skis with the incentive of Free Virtual Coaching.

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Increase sales by offering the skiers who purchase your skis a Free Virtual Coaching Session with your own Pro Team Skiers.

What's Holding Water Skiing Back?

Let's face it -- water skiing is an extremely frustrating sport to participate in! You need a lake, a boat, equipment, and plenty of fuel just to be able to get started. Then, where do you go from there?

Every one skier who skis on a public lake grows the sport more than 10 competitive skiers on a private lake. The setback is that when you're skiing on a public lake recreationally, you don't have the access to the knowledge you need to ski better. Without any assistance, it's just too hard of a sport for the majority of the public to get addicted to. Water Skiing is one of the most fun sports out there -- but few people do it because they can't figure out how to perform at a high level.

It is going to take a lot to grow water skiing -- part of that growth will come when there is enough knowledge available to beginner skiers so that they can advance and have more fun on the water.

Help Bridge the Gap Between Beginner and Pro

coaching, instruction, water ski slalom course

Offering Pro Ski Coach Virtual Coaching --FREE-- to anyone who purchases one of your high-end Slalom Skis will increase your sales and increase the knowledge of your customers.

Here's How It Works:

  • Your customer will log on to our site (free).
  • They'll register your ski with us, and then they'll be promted to select one of your Pro Team Skiers.
  • Your customer will upload video or pictures of their skiing for review, along with any questions they have for your Pro Team Skier.
  • Your team skier will get an email from our site that tells them they have a new client.
  • Your team skier will log on (free) and write a couple paragraphs of advice.
  • That's It!

Teach your customers how to ski better by connecting them with the pro athletes they already look up to. Knowledge proliferates, people ski better, and the industry as a whole grows bigger as a result of having more informed water skiers as customers.

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