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#1 Tue, Sep 21, 2010 1:30 PM

Foot Forward: Right

2010 Prophecy/ 2005 D3 X5/ Oneill Law

The following is for sale. I can e-mail pics. Just PM me or reply to this thread.

2010 Prophecy. Skied about 15 sets on the ski. Comes with large Draft bindings that were used for two seasons. Fin is a bit scraped from river life. The ski itself is in great condition with one tiny scratch.

$650.00 for Prophecy/ bindings

2005 D3 X5. I bought it used and skied on it for one season. The ski has the usual wear but is in great condition overall. It comes with the large Wiley wraps.

$150.00 for D3/ bindings

2010 Oneill Law vest medium. Used for about 5 sets.

$75.00 for Oneill vest

I also have a Masterline rope and Accurate handle that were barely used. The accurate handle is the smallest size diameter. I will throw in the handle and rope if one person[img][/img] buys all the above.

Buyer pays shipping.

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