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#1 Mon, Aug 13, 2007 3:46 PM

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Moving COM Forward

I appreciate all the looks and tips in this forum.  Here's my latest scoop and maybe someone could help that have been looking at ski set ups...

I ride a 6AM 1.1...69" with pretty standard fin settings.  Wing set at 8 upside down.  I do have the bindings 1 back of neutral on both front and back.  My feet are as close as they can get.

i am having some problems getting consistent clean 28@36mph.

Problem:  I find it difficult (not at 22) but at 28 getting my hips/cm to come forward in the preturn (getting back to a ballanced position right on top the ski) and then continue moving forward thru the finish....they start back after my ski releases..then just keep back regardless of any counter i make.  Thus the age old shoulder rotation wheelie time hips back move we have all loved for years...

Question:  is there a good thought to use other than countering with the hips...shifting my CM forward and inside the arc...or should i move my bindings forward one??  When i really try thinking forward it seems to just move my upperbody and not the CM.




#2 Mon, Aug 13, 2007 3:55 PM

From: Quebec Canada
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Re: Moving COM Forward

Look at your front leg. It was a real shock for me to see how extended and stiff it was. I was having the same problem than you. What helped me was extending my reach more in the desired direction of travel and while keeping my front leg firm I work more on my ankle and knee (more bent) and saying to myself " in the front " and looking downcourse until my rope pass my ski tip. Worked for me.

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#3 Mon, Aug 13, 2007 4:35 PM

From: the shores of Sproat Lake
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Re: Moving COM Forward

Being balanced on that center portion of the ski is a must. This is the same thing as a being over center on a  hockey skate blade as well.  Once you lose center on the ski in any phase of the course, it is difficult to recover.

Depends on the water, but out here we ran 3/8" ahead with the boots, fin ahead ( say 0.900 )  to achieve a balanced stance.

I recently tried a stock position 30" on my Sixam and had trouble running my opener.



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