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#1 Wed, Jul 25, 2007 8:45 PM

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Binding Rotation

Boot Rotation

2.5 years ago I was told, by top skier, to rotate my rear boot toe out.  That was my sole reason for doing it.  My rear rubber boot is on an HO plate, which when using the supplied holes for rotation, results in about .5  inch rotation.  It seems that the toes of the rear boot are rotated a bit more than the heel by virtue of the HO plate.  Front hardshell boot straight. 

My onside sucks.  It loads up too hard out of the turn.  I am not back and inside with my body.  Level.   It still loads too hard.  The "turn" is okay and from the boat, observers say they don't see anything wrong.  The load is too high and I have to fight to keep from being pulled up.  My strength to weight ratio is good.  This has been the case with myriad setups and on different skis.  Some setups are better than others but, the problem is still there.  Could having too much rear rotation possibly cause this?    I can rotate the front hardshell if I need to but, have not.

I just cannot make it far enough to the center line before the load becomes too high.   If I outrun the boat I can make it closer but, then, I am taking a shot for having outrun the boat.   I am getting high enough on the pullout.  I do a one handed gate which pros I have skied with say is really good.  I do not have the loading problem on my turn in at the gate (RFF) which has led some to suggest that the problem can't be setup or else it would load there too. 

I run 35 at 55.  With my current onside 38 ain't going to happen.




#2 Thu, Jul 26, 2007 12:59 PM

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Re: Binding Rotation

Do an experiment the next time you are at the lake.  Ski the first set with your usual set up and then reduce the rotation for the 2nd set. Less rotation of the rear foot will also set-up your off-side turn better.  Give it a go and let us know.




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