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#1 Wed, Jul 9, 2008 5:27 PM

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GPS Speed Control Upgrade - Star Gazer vs Zero Off

I installed the Star Gazer upgrade to my 2005 MasterCraft ProStar 197 with the MCX Engine (Drive BY Wire) and it was a piece of cake. I already had 6.5NG with multi-line display and it took me about 4hrs of research to find ins/outs and another 2hrs to do the install while reading through directions.

Calibration was very simple, took about 15min to run through the speeds. I could only use the 2 magnet mode, as for some reason it wouldn't recognize my 8 magnets and 2 pickups for "multi-magnet" mode. But times in any condition with head/side/tail wind have been amazing. What a difference this makes in removing another variable in this "HEAD GAME" of a sport.

Now the drivers that aren't as experienced can focus on driving, not concerned with tolerances on speed, which we had pretty well calibrated, but with SG just feel like I'm so much more free behind the boat. Hegh, it got me back into running 36-22 passes which feel like 34-22. Now just need to get my timing back and stay on that handle for my 28 passes.

We've got a medium setup. Heard the key in short setups is to still dial in crew weight so you don't over-shoot the gates.

So I'm not sure why all the fuss over SG in comparison to ZO in tourneys. With SG dialed in on both boats I've been behind, feels like MONEY!!! BRING ON THE TECHNOLOGY, GPS IS HERE!!!

Next we need the "boat path crossing alert" noise like they do on the Infinity cars when you cross over the yellow/white lines on the road. Or some type of "heads-up" display like they do in Corvettes, to allow the driver to line up and calibrate line of site with the boat guides. I do this easily in my boat using the front hand rail on the open bow, but other boats each have their tweakings that take a couple passes to get dialed in.

2008 MC PS197 with ZO upgrade with 2011 Radar Senate C 67" working to smoke that 36-28 consistently in any tourney.



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