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#1 Tue, Nov 2, 2010 4:43 PM


2010 vs 2011 Senate

First post and a canadian so be easy on me please. :)

I'm 6'1", 200lbs, recreational skier for 15+ years (all open water, generally cold water temp., and probably won't ever do the course). I ski at full line length and around 28-30mph depending on water conditions. I am currently skiing on a....(kringe)...early 90's Jobe SC01 (a 65/66" I think?).

First question...I just bought a 2010 senate 69" (over the Theory as they didn't have in stock and gave me a good price on the senate) but didn't realize the 2011 Senate was based on the Strada design. I think the Strada has been improved to help with consistent turns on both sides which would definitely help me. Is the difference in spec.'s between the RS-1 vs Strada based Senate something that a person of my experience would benefit from or wouldn't even notice?

Also, I still wonder if I should have stuck with the Theory since I ski at a slower speed and all open water. I am looking to improve and have more focus on skiing over the coming years which is why I went with the senate, but perhaps it doesn't perform as well at the 28-30mph range?

Thanks. This site is great btw!


#2 Tue, Nov 2, 2010 5:27 PM

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Re: 2010 vs 2011 Senate

The kringe is that you're a 200 pound skier trying to ski a 66" ski around 30mph. The Senate is going to be a lot more realestate than your used to. What you currently have should be good. Deciding to trade up to a 2011, in my mind, has more to do with the financials. If you can demo the two side by side, you'll be able to tell the difference quite clearly. Personally, I can't see the point in paying more that an extra $50-100 if I already have the 2010 version.


#3 Tue, Nov 2, 2010 8:41 PM

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Re: 2010 vs 2011 Senate

Can't help you w/ the Canadian thing, but....I have owned both the Senate and Theory.  Get over your remorse, brotha, and don't look back.  You'll be plenty happy w/ that Senate....its a well received and proven design, and a  radical improvement and better fit then what you've been on.   if you've been skiing for 15 yrs, I think you'll have alot more fun on the Senate then the Theory.  Being near the lower end of the weight scale for that 69" Senate, you'll have plenty of ski under you at your current speed...but plenty of growing room to speed it up if you so choose.

IMO, ski it for awhile, particularly since you got it at a good price.  If your level rapidly advances, down the road  you then might consider bumping to the 2011 Senate C.


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#4 Wed, Nov 3, 2010 7:12 PM


Re: 2010 vs 2011 Senate

Thanks for the feedback. I'll put the extra money towards the bindings instead! Narrowed it down to either the 2010 or 2011 Vector's. Looks like the 2011's have also been redesigned and worth the few extra bucks for lighter and lower on the ski...


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