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#1 Sat, Oct 30, 2010 9:55 PM


Mastercraft 190 Prostar

Does anyone own or ski behind a Mastercraft 190 Prostar 1989 to 1995 model? Whats it like? How is the slalom wake at 22 off? Any info about the boat would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Geoff.


#2 Sun, Oct 31, 2010 2:51 PM

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Re: Mastercraft 190 Prostar

You're talking about 3 hull generations there- 87-90 (Which may be the same running surface as the 86 and earlier- I don't know) and the 91-94, then the 95-97 (and a couple value models after that- SportStar, etc.).


#3 Sun, Oct 31, 2010 3:52 PM


Re: Mastercraft 190 Prostar

There are some boat reviews at fifteenoff.com

Here's my review of my 94 Prostar.

http://www.fifteenoff.com/forum/default … &t=510

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#4 Mon, Nov 1, 2010 3:23 PM

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Re: Mastercraft 190 Prostar

The 91-94 has the best ski wake of the 3 hulls.  The 95-97 tracks better and has the least spray, but a slightly bigger bump at 22 off.  The 87-90 hull has a good ski wake, but the spray is aweful and is very weight sensitive.  If given a choice, I would avoid the 90 and older hull (I own one), and get a 93 + with fuel injection.  I would consider the 95-97 if you don't spend much time at 22 off due to the better tracking and less spray.  I had a chance to buy a 97 this fall for $12,500 with low hours, and I would have jumped on it had I had the $$.

FYI, I ski behind a 91 most of the time, and I do love the wake, unless you get 3 big guys in the boat, which it then becomes a ramp at 22 off.


#5 Tue, Nov 16, 2010 5:55 PM


Re: Mastercraft 190 Prostar

Good boat, very good slalom wake, my experience is behind a '91 and '92.  Chine spray at short line lengths is a distraction (35' off or 32 in a wind).  Generally Ford powered in this era of boat.  Your timespan as noted covers three different hull designs.  The 91-93 has been considered the best by comments on various forums, search around for feedback.


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