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#1 Sat, Sep 11, 2010 7:20 PM


Weird Feeling on the Ski after Adjusting Fin

Here is my story, LFF 6' 165 lbs on 9800 goode 66.5" 176 amp schnitz speed fin, fell into a slump 6 weeks ago, went from being an 80% 35 off skier 34mph to making that pass only 25%, had taken a few shallow water fin hits but did not think to check my fin, had a black sharpie line drawn on the fin and would visually look at it, assuming all ok. 

During the slump period, problems were feeling very narrow into my off side turns with no casting out of the ski and slack line overturns on my onside turns killing me at the top line length pass.  I didn't check the fin then but decided to move the bindings back, (stock is 29.75 " back of front binding to tail), I moved back a hole and now set at 29.50", skied another couple of weeks, onside seemed to be a little better, but still narrow into my offside. 

So I ended up skiing about 6 weeks with shallow depth fin and adjusted somewhat to it, not knowing I was so far out of whack.  Stock settings for this goode L 6.872 D 2.449 DFT .690, when I finally measured the fin a few days ago, the shallow water debris hits had adjusted the fin setting down to D of 2.335, I stopped right there and had a Homer Simpson moment, then got the caliber and adjusted the fin back to stock settings now at L 6.879 D 2.445 DFT .696, the wing is non-adjustable, basicly the settings line up the wing angle, it is suppose to be at 9 degrees and it is at 8 degrees, but I have triple checked my fin measurements and as close as I could get it to actuals.  Water in Georgia is still 75 to 80 degrees, weather fluctuating a little bit.

What I am now experiencing after this change is an extreme feeling that the front half of the ski is getting pulled down in the water, very unnatural.  In a normal stance now the water is breaking under the middle of the front binding (close to ball of front foot, which I think is ok).  It is only in the coast on a flat ski that I feel very uneasy, I have only had two sets so far, I have run 35 with the current settings, no crazy falls or the ski flipping out in the course.  I feel like the ski is doing better in the turns then before, but it feels so crazy, as the boat brings me down to the greens for my pullout, a real attention getter like something is pulling down on the front of the ski under the water, rather than me just feeling like the ski is chillin and riding up on the water. 

Has anyone felt this before, or been through a big fin adjustment of 1/10th ? Wondering what to do, the bindings are still back at 29.50", and thinking if I aready have a downward feel in the front of the ski, moving the bindings forward would only make the situation worse, moving the fin forward, would throw off the stock settings, but would lift the ski, any comments, suggestions would be appreciated, hope it makes some sense.


#2 Sat, Sep 11, 2010 11:47 PM

Slalom Mentor
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Re: Weird Feeling on the Ski after Adjusting Fin

I would put everything back to the way it was before you start chasing other things. Move those boots back to stock and see what that does.

Unless it's screwing up your gate, I wouldn't worry about where the water is breaking or if the ski is hunting for an edge. Taking out a little length will keep the tip of the ski from sucking down.


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