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The forum here @ PSC has been fun, but we're going to transplant it in much more fertile pastures.

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first, no, i'm not affiliated with wakescout.
i did look for a method to contact the mod(s) to insure this thread is appropriate, no luck there. 
i'm hoping that sending users off-site isn't going to tick anyone off.

this is a link to a resource (http://wakescout.com/) that i've just been hoping for.
besides offering a great watersports resource you can offer a tow or search for an available tug in your area.
offers the potential for no more standing on the dock!
if everyone participates it could reduce the number of mornings that you can't hook up with your regulars.
if everyone spreads the word on all of their regular "forums" it could turn in to a MOVEMENT. (no, not the arlo guthrie alices restauraunt movement).

the WakeScout "About Us" page says:
Sharing your passion for getting out on the water, we work with researchers and WakeScout community members all over the world to identify where you can-

      Waterski    Wakeskate    Tricks    Kneeboard    Show Ski
      Wakeboard    Wakesurf    Jump    Hydrofoil    Ski Race
No matter where your travels take you, we want to provide a resource that will let you know where you can get in the water.

  RESORTS We have identified resorts that offer wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, etc. to their guests. This activity will be either on-site or a very short distance from the resort.

  CLUBS The clubs we have identified provide non-members with the opportunity to check them out. In some cases, they require an AWSA card or the like. Check the "Requirements for non-members" on the information page for the club you are interested in.

  SCHOOLS We have identified schools that offer instruction and training, as well as the discipline(s) they offer instruction and training in. Wherever possible, we have provided information on the size of classes, whether the school offers on-site accommodations, and, if there is access to a course, jump, rails, sliders etc.

  CHARTERS The charter services we have identified will take you out on the water so you can enjoy your favorite watersport. In most cases they offer instruction and have equipment for you to use, so you can just show up and get on the water.

  CABLE PARKS No boat required. Just show up, grab a handle and start shredding.

  MARINAS We have identified marinas that offer some kind of "ski boat" and equipment for rent, so all you need to do is show up. The boats vary by manufacturer, size, type, and power. We have tried to get as much information as possible on the boats and equipment offered for rent.

You are encouraged to submit reviews and comment on any listing, and are welcome to share your photos and videos with the WakeScout community.

The CONNECT ON THE WATER section was developed to provide the WakeScout community with an easy way to find someone to get out on the water with. Whether you're traveling somewhere in the world, just moved to a new area or want to find a "third" to join you, we have developed an easy way for you to find someone to connect on the water with.



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