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#1 Tue, Jul 27, 2010 1:17 PM

Foot Forward: RFF

need help getting more on the front of ski

I've really been focusing on getting a more efficient weight distribution.  In my case, there is an ongoing struggle to make use of more of the ski, and keep the tailriding tendency away.  Results are coming...albeit slowly  (equipment dialed in pretty well, so the problem lies w/ me).
Does anyone have any tips, tricks or thoughts that might help speed the process (I need to shed the old-school demons once and for all)?
Thanks, in advance.


#2 Tue, Jul 27, 2010 3:35 PM

Thomas Wayne
Slalom Mentor

Re: need help getting more on the front of ski

Squaring your shoulders and hips so that you are facing downcourse throughout the finish of the turn makes it much more difficult to over load your back leg, resulting in less of a "tailride" type of turn.

I don't particularly like this photo - taken by a friend several years ago - but it does illustrate what I'm talking about.  It's pretty hard to get back on the tail when you've got that much ski in the water - a natural result of remaining open through the finish of the turn.


Here's a much better photo - of a much better skier - showing how to really do it:



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#3 Tue, Jul 27, 2010 4:28 PM

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Re: need help getting more on the front of ski

I too come from the "old School" era. I have found for me, that it takes a little bit of change thru out, between the buoys. i.e. A bit more Bent knees so that the ankles can can be angled fwd. better, a touch softer knees to better center the wgt. distribution, while also maintaining an engaged core "Hips up," "chest out" with a Low controlled Handle and as T.W. stated a Balanced counter attack in the turns and keeping more square (shoulders) to the boat...

For me, it's just a little bit of change or mental approach in each segment and not any one Big change. I'm too old to try to change too many ingrained habits or natural reflexes...

I think it's more beneficial for me, to work with and better what I got, then to spend God knows how much time, trying to totally revamp all of my strengths and weakness'...

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#4 Fri, Sep 10, 2010 10:26 AM


Re: need help getting more on the front of ski

Open your hips and shoulders towards the boat, look at the boat as long as possible, at the wake look at the wake, yes sounds strange, but it works.

NEVER look at the buoy, this will turn your hips and shoulders in the way how you don't want them to turn.
West Coast Slalom is about counter rotation.

Tip, open your hips towards the boat and try to move the hip which is in the direction of movement more towards the tip of the ski, your speed will pick up almost double, after the wake stand tall and get the weight fully on the front of the ski.

In the turn counter rotate again, open your hips to the boat, and bring the line towards your "free" hand.


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#5 Fri, Sep 10, 2010 2:01 PM

Slalom Mentor
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Re: need help getting more on the front of ski

I found for me, it is easier to get more balanced on my ski by moving my bindings way back. Before moving my bindings way back, I was overloading my rear leg, now I donít think I am. It is very simple to try and go right back if you donít like it. Good luck.

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#6 Sun, Oct 17, 2010 3:29 AM

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Re: need help getting more on the front of ski

Hey Dave!
Hope all is well with you and I hope you have been able to spend lots of time on the water.

Couple things that come to mind, one read this article about handle control: http://www.ballofspray.com/tech-article … le-control    This is a fantastic article that I have read several times over and over.

I think that if you have good handle control you will find yourself in good body position as a result. I also have to tell my self to keep my knees soft and my ankles flexed slightly forward to make sure I have my hips forward and shoulders back and open down course.

Edit: Dave, after looking at the picture you posted of yourself skiing on themalibucrew site it looks like you are locking your front knee straight, this puts most of your wieght on the back of the ski. Look how far back the water is breaking on your ski. You need to get your wieght forward by bending your ankles and knees.

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