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#1 Thu, Jul 22, 2010 1:09 AM

Slalom Mentor
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"curling" the handle

I finally had a revelation this week.  Charles, my coach, has been telling me I was curling the handle off the 2nd wake in the edge change coming into 1/3/5. Not pulling in, but curling it like you'd do a dumbell. I didn't really understand it. But this week I finally felt it. Coming off the 2nd wake, instead of keeping my arms relaxed and straight, I would pick the handle up. Not much, just 4 or 5 inches. But I finally realized that every time I did this at 32 and 35, I ended up with slack at the finish of the turn.  Not enough to to pull me up. But enough to unsettle me and make the pass inconsistent. When I kept my arms relaxed and straight through the edge change, I'd tightline 1.  Once I figured this out, I played with it some.  I noticed that that little bit of handle movement KILLED the outbound direction I was building. When my arms were relaxed, the ski rotated out from under me and I felt my core go inside and forward.  When I made that little 4 inch handle movement I went over the the ski instead of the ski going under me. This is big for me and is one of the things that's going to get me into 38. I can feel it.  What really got me to feel it was that Charles told me that in my glide for the gates I was way too tense. That he'd like for me to just barely grip the handle with my finger tips in the glide. This took all of muscle tightness out and let me drop away from the boat as I turned in. Because of this relaxed position, all of a sudden the tensed position of curling that handle up became readily apparent.

Shane Hill



#2 Thu, Jul 22, 2010 3:32 AM

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Re: "curling" the handle


You are absolutely correct. One of the most overlooked areas is during the first half of the edge change, where you want to let up on the pull while maintaning your leveraged position." ANY " pull on the rope will greatly effect your sustained angular momentum to the detriment of your caryout..... Great Observation !!!!

Check Six,   ED



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