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The forum here @ PSC has been fun, but we're going to transplant it in much more fertile pastures.

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#1 Wed, Jun 2, 2010 11:02 PM

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Share your Ski Log with Training Partners

You can now share your ski log with your training partners. This feature is available for everyone, not just for the powerusers out there. Please consider upgrading to Power User if you haven't already... lots of great reasons:

you get access to slow motion video http://www.proskicoach.com/video
you get to ski in the summer shootout league
you get 10% off virtual coaching sessions with any pro available http://www.proskicoach.com/pros
you get 5% off your entire order with H2Osmosis! Or Free Ground Shipping.
you get to chart your progress over time using ski log Analytics
you support the continued improvement here at ProSkiCoach.com -- and we have some pretty large plans for the future.

Anyways, so if you hit someone's Skier Page http://www.proskicoach.com/skiers/WadeWilliams for example, you can Add this Skier as a Training Partner... this will give that person access to your ski log and they can make comments.

This is very basic right now but, look for steady improvement in the future...



#2 Thu, Jun 3, 2010 3:56 PM

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Re: Share your Ski Log with Training Partners

Cool Wade - I shared my log w/ you smile

Am I blind, or is the only way to get to /skiers/ page right now via:  >> Summer shoot out >> learn more >> Ski Log Average   ??

Also, looks like only skiers that have sets logged in 2010 are shown? I think several training partners have logged sets in the past, but maybe 1-2 that have not...  Is there a way to see all PSC members?



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