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#1 Thu, May 20, 2010 8:21 PM

Registered: Sat, May 15, 2010
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what skies

Hi !
I'm here to ask you for some help. I'm from slovenija, so that means we have adriatik sea, that means salt water. My mesurments are 5,11 and 185 lbs .I'm wondering now which are the best ski for me. I'm not a PRO but like the speed.Me and my freinds last year started skiing on slaloms skies. We started on combo but at the end of summer we already skii only slalom ski from combo.Now i saw on internet HO Nos 2009 Slalom Water Ski 40 % discount. This NOS it would cost me about 400 $.Now i would like to ask some expert if this is a good skii. Can someone tell me if he own one? do you have maybe some specifications about weight? I can get some good price also for 2009 Obrien Elite, 2009 Connelly Prophecy. Some people said that a good ski is also D3 nimad RCX and rada Senate. I wonder which of this senate are better for salt water where are more waves than river. This can all get for around 400 $. Can you please anyone help me with some informations, which ski is best for me to progres in my tehniq. I will also be happy for some informations about weight of skies and weidth. I will be very thankfull as we in europe dont have much data about skiies.

Kind regards



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