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#1 Fri, Apr 23, 2010 4:43 PM

From: Colorado
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Colorado's first premiere ski School (In Deep Ski School)

Hello fellow skiers!!!

I just wanted to put this out and let everyone know that Colorado residents and pro skiers Bryan Reinke and Jarrus Steele are opening a ski school in Colorado this summer! The ski school is going to be called, IN DEEP SKI SCHOOL.  Clinics and lessons will be held at a private lake in Greeley but they can also come out to any site and do clinics or one on one lessons. 

In Deep Ski School is also planning on having a tour that will bring slalom skiing face to face with the public! They will be going to select public lakes in Colorado and displaying what we do best! If possible a course will be put in to rip through!!!! 

In you would like more info please call Jarrus @ 720-323-7396

And please feel free to post any questions and I can answer them for you!!

Warming up!!!

Ski Hard or Go Home!!



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