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#1 Fri, Mar 26, 2010 3:11 AM


New SN200 Wake

Just skied behind the SN200 for the first time today. Best tracking boat I have ever driven. Construction, fit and finish were excellent. Even my Wife was ready to buy it. However, when I skied behind it there was a noticeable BUMP in the Center of the Wake. Skied it at 32, 35, and 38off. The bump was right there at every line length. My Daughter felt the same thing at 28 & 32 off. Felt really different from our 05 LXi were use to.  Right now we agreed to wait for the 2011 version in August to see if they correct or improve this.
Anyone else experienced the same thing. A friend of mine who has a CC196 thought it was great so maybe it's just a CC characteristic.
Appreciate any constructive comments.
Thanks, ED


#2 Fri, Mar 26, 2010 1:22 PM

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Re: New SN200 Wake

It felt to me like the wake was wider, and divided into 3rds, as opposed to MasterCraft, which was narrower, but with 2 small bumps.


#3 Fri, Mar 26, 2010 3:24 PM


Re: New SN200 Wake

I am use to feeling two small bumps with my Malibu. With the 200 I felt absolutely nothing till I got hit with a sharp bump in the center. It surprised me because I didn't expect it. Took three attempts to run my opening 32 off pass. It felt like 35 and 38 were a little better and I'm sure that once I was use to it that it would not be an issue. Just threw my timing off a little since I was use to two small bumps versus one sharp one. However, I believe the wake was better at 34 mph where I ski than what my Daughter experienced. She is just now getting back into Slalom after being a Pro-Wakeboarder the last several years. We started her at 28 off and 30 mph. She really got launched off the center wake. It also took her 3 attempts just to run her pass.
It was a shame because the dealer was going to give us a great deal on the boat and we loved everything else about it. I pulled 2 other Tourn. skiers behind it and can say it tracked better than anything I have ever driven. We were ready to buy it since we wanted a boat with Zero-Off to practice behind and our 05 LXi has PP. Right now I plan to wait till Aug. and see if they make any changes to the 200. If not then we will probably go with a new LXi just because we want a boat with the best possible wake....ED


#4 Fri, Mar 26, 2010 4:11 PM

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Re: New SN200 Wake

I'll get a chance to ski behind a 200 later this year. From what I have been told by those with first hand experience, the cadence of the wake is different than any other boat that is currently on the market. They did say there was a bump, but I think it was at -28' not 22' like it has been in the past.

I would wonder if something was goofed up with the hydrogate. I skied a set behind a 196 after we had put the gate to jump to see how the wakes changed. The driver forgot to set it back to slalom and I never questioned why I was getting worked over, but it made a huge difference when it was put back into slalom mode.


#5 Fri, Mar 26, 2010 10:56 PM


Re: New SN200 Wake

The Hydro-Gate was in the proper position. I even checked it's function prior to putting the boat in the water. There was a definite BUMP right in the center. Nothing before or after.  It was worse for my Daughter at 28off 30mph than for me at 34. It was better at 38off than 32, but still there.
I went this morning to ski behind my LXi while the feeling was still fresh in my mind from the 200. Felt nothing through the wakes, however, when I pull my Daughter at 30mph she gets launched a little there to, just not as abruptly.
I am just not sure the Hydro-Gate is the best engineered way for CC to go. It does cause more vibation when down, plus adds more RPM, 4000@34MPH, and more gas consumption.
Everything else about the boat we absolutely LOVE. I am holding off to see if their are any improvements when the 2011 comes out in Aug.
In Search of the Perfect Wake,  ED


#6 Sun, Mar 28, 2010 6:07 PM


Re: New SN200 Wake

I have had a new 200 since February and absolutely love it, the is no bump at any speed, just a wider wake.


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