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#1 Sat, Feb 6, 2010 6:04 PM

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Will's Inside Edge Critique

Anyone provide just a little more info on the correction needed for a slack line two that Will talks about in his video critique of his own skiing, he says the lifting of his left shoulder and direction of it to two ball makes him narrow and the consequence is having to wait to pass the buoy and hooking the turn, rather than continuing to swing out wide in the preturn and ski back in, been there many times, but what is the fix ?  Before and after he releases the handle he needs more counter with that left shoulder and body.



#2 Mon, Feb 8, 2010 5:27 PM

From: the shores of Sproat Lake
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Re: Will's Inside Edge Critique

great video, awesome skiing. OK my analysis: Will being RFF seems to have more slip in his ski and is right on the edge of being loose. this allows him to get that huge gate angle to setup the sick 1 ball. The downside of slip is the offside pull finish, there isn't enough tracking in the ski to build space and width into 2 ball. very difficult if not impossible to overcome with technique. i have the same issue - i use fins designed to increase ski slip due to water conditions - and this becomes way more pronounced.

the skier that I think is most balanced each side and has a wicked offside is JT (Jon Travers). Jon rides the full concave RCX/Z7 and uses lots of fin area. This gives him good tracking. Jon is LFF so he needs this through the gate to setup his onside. JT compensates for increased track by #1 being on it in his turns = they are wicked and protecting ski direction through his onside finish with technique. this again is hard on the body as well.

so what's the answer?? i would like to have a ski that is loose on side and tracks offside. For some fun I put a small center fin, like a SN tracking fin or dagger board in my ski last year - which was cool but it upset the turning of the ski, the drift of the ski into the ball. Tracked like a monster tho.



#3 Mon, Feb 8, 2010 8:08 PM

Slalom Mentor
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Re: Will's Inside Edge Critique

Rico, try thinking of it like this. Coming into two ball, if you have a high left shoulder then you have a low right shoulder. When you drop your inside shoulder you give slack to the boat and limit your skis out-bound movement. If your ski doesn't get to the end of the line then you will be forced to turn back in on a slack line that can't support optimal angle through the wakes. Essentially you have to let your ski ride all the way out so that it will achieve the angle it wants to hold through the wakes. Hope this helps!



#4 Mon, Feb 8, 2010 8:23 PM

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Re: Will's Inside Edge Critique

I'm sure that hit from the boat is much bigger than it looks,  but you definitely see a textbook way to handle a limp rope. Stay calm in the face of slack and turn as though the rope were tight. Definitely don't square off the turn and rip your hands in.

Will keeps a normal cadence to his turn so that he has the angle and body position that he should have. Because he didn't panic he is in a balanced position to better handle the abnormally high load form the boat. Better yet, what you see is that he gets back into a normal rhythm instead of allowing the earlier mistake to force his skiing to devolve into ugly scrapping for the rest of the pass.



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