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#1 Mon, Oct 12, 2009 2:54 PM

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Ten things I think are essential

Like most skiiers, I read/listen to everything I can regarding slalom theroey (sp?). Whew! It's overwhelming! This year I have sorted/filtered/interepeted and come up with the following 10 essential items, I think. I invite input

1. Ski Relaxed with a powerful core.

2. Thrust hips up and forward, pull shoulders back.
    (squeeze ass cheeks and shoulderblades together)

3. Arms straight, handle low.
    (think of hanging free from a pullup bar, not pulling up)

4. Do NOT -ever-ever-ever- load, pull or otherwise try to "muscle" through the course.

5. Turn  allllll  the way back into the wakes.
    (think of one giant turn from the buoy all the way into the wake. Watch the ski tip cross
      under the rope)

6. Ski my off hand back to the handle, do not reach or grab for it.
    (think of sliding/skiing the inside hip to the handle)

7. Keep shoulders level and "open".

8. Lean away from the handle/boat as I hang from the handle. Hold this leaned away
    position through the second wake, letting the boat pull me up

9. Iniate all movements from the core (CM), keep all movements progressive and small.
    No big or sudden moves.

10. A bad day of skiing... is still a darn good day!

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#2 Mon, Oct 12, 2009 5:07 PM

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Re: Ten things I think are essential

You've learned a lot Leon!



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