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#1 Sun, Sep 27, 2009 4:53 PM

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From: Kennewick, Wa
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One ball or two ball problem??

Yesterday I ran 35 off doing the same thing three times.

I would get one and two, shadow the three ball and then run four, five and six fairly easy. 

Problem is there is no way I can get to the three ball, or if I crank and go for the three ball I can get it but then shoot past the boat with no hope of anything but tons of slack.  If I shadow the three ball then I ripped the rest of the course.

I have run 35 once, so I was pretty excited with yesterday, but frustated with missing the three ball.

What I did notice that shadowing the three set up a great four ball.  So is it my gate causing a bad two ball or just a bad two ball.  Because the two ball doesn't feel bad.

I am left foot forward. 68" 2005 monza, if that helps

Any thoughts would be great





#2 Mon, Sep 28, 2009 1:10 AM

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From: nashville,tn.
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Re: One ball or two ball problem??

Man, I'm not even going to try to speculate on the 3 ball issue...

I will say, that I personally have my own little ways of working the kinks out and shadowing is crazy GOOD!!! I'm LFF and I do a lot of intentional 135 shadowing. This is my on-side so I try to set up a good opportunity to get to my off-side 246 wide/early. I don't even care if I shadow or get 135. My objective is to get there effortlessly! When I do what I'm supposed to do, I get there (135) so early/ wide I have no choice but to actually go around the buoy! If I don't then I didn't deserve that buoy anyway... And to push myself too hard, would just be ingraining the fine art of "scrapping" and I want to ingrain smoother more profitable techique!

So, for me I would be totally at home running the full length of the course, getting in the practice time of a full pass and not throwing sound technique out the window for the glory of 1 buoy. All the while knowing as I continue to shadow it closer & closer, -it's coming just as soon as it can.

Sorry This is of no use to the 3 ball issue! (But you obviously can run it, just like you do 1&5!)

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